A Painter’s Tale: Curon, 1950 is a story about love and resistance, an adventure game about historical memory.

The bell tower that comes out of the lake is the last memento of the old village of Curon, flooded by the waters of Lake Reschen in 1950 due to the construction of a dam, despite the protest of the citizens. The plans for the dam started during the Fascist era, opposing the interests of a big industrial group to the wellbeing of the villagers, who were forced to leave their homes and pastures.
What lies beneath the bell tower still emerging from the lake?

The history of Curon is made of conflicts, clashes and distances between people, between the Italian and the German cultures, between progress and traditions. The voxel technique is used to mark this narrative and historical conflict and to put an illusory distance between the player and the story. Reality collides with voxels in A Painter's Tale.


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